Why Coldd Security is now Hixec

August 26, 2023

Everything in this world is moving and changing, changes are natural and necessary, either you adapt or you go with San Pedro, Coldd Security started with the idea of transmitting cybersecurity in a simple way, this we have done throughout these last 3 years, where we have collaborated with many companies, universities, conferences, we have appeared in different digital newspapers, we have achieved the most viewed cybersecurity course in the history of Hispanic YouTube and most importantly, we have provided value to you and the rest of our community.

It is more difficult to choose the name of your project than the name of your child, something difficult to understand because I have no children, but I really attest that it is a complex task, however, I believe that for this project to continue to exist and transcend, it is time to make a few changes, starting with a rebranding process.

Why Hixec

Hixec is the evolution of Coldd Security in a short and cooler name, Hixec is the union of two acronyms, on the one hand “Hi” (no, it’s not hello) comes from the German word Hilfe which means Help and “Xec” is the acronym of Sec which comes from the English word Security which means Safety, so the two concepts that come together are Help + Security, since that’s what we do, we help all users to learn cybersecurity in an exaggeratedly simple way, likewise, we decided to use an X to join the two acronyms and thus better integrate both in writing and in its pronunciation, hence we are Hixec and not Hisec (besides that is more facade).

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that it is pronounced “Jigsec” not “Jaisec” nor “Jichec” nor “Jaichec”, “Jigsec”, if we hear someone pronouncing it wrong, it is probably the last thing they will do.

What this change implies

First and in case you haven’t noticed, the name changed, in addition to this, the color palette also, now we go to orange with dark blue and touches of white, on the other hand, the rate of content publication increases x10 both in quality and quantity.

Similarly, this increase in the rate of content publication will not only impact the main YouTube channel, but also all other social networks, the level of courses that will be uploaded will also increase and in fact, there are some things to come.

Although it is important to understand that this increase will not affect the quality of the content, on the contrary, the quality, as you will see, has increased and, the way of explaining so typical of us (with a few M jokes sometimes) will never change, it is the essence of all this and what makes us unique.

In addition to this, there are already projects within Hixec that you can enjoy, such as the chess game that we have implemented for you to improve your problem solving skills and thinking structure, you can play with other members of the community, also, you can already enjoy the huge catalog of free cybersecurity tools that we implemented for you, from a password generator, a URL decelerator and more tools that will help you improve your cybersecurity.


Everything moves and everything changes, either you adapt to change or you go with San Pedro, this is part of the natural evolution of any existing being, I thank Coldd Security for everything that through it I could bring you, now, you have to increase much more the level of contribution and dominate.

Because this, this is Hixec.

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