The Best Antivirus Bot for Discord

May 02, 2022

Discord is by far one of the most used platforms in terms of community management and one of the most important factors is to maintain the security of the members of your community within each discord server, there will be those who will send malicious links with an intention to harm others and having to be watching all day can become quite exhausting, but for this there are bots, bots responsible for maintaining and improving the security of your server, remember that 100% security does not exist but it is important to adapt all additional security measures to increase it.

On the other hand, security bots or “antivirus” for discord of course exist and today we will be discussing one that has very good results because, among other things, it is able to automatically remove any malicious link that a user sends to your server, This is done thanks to a database containing a list of such links, in addition to the detections provided by portals such as VirusTotal or Google Safe Browsing, so that if any of these aforementioned, detected as malicious a link, it is automatically removed from the server and, thanks to this, the server is kept safer.

The bot we are talking about is SafetyAtLast, a very simple bot to configure (in fact, it allows configuration through a web portal). To use it, it is as simple as inviting it to your server, once invited, you can log into your portal to access the dashboard mentioned above, once there will be the section that interests us in this case, which is the detection of malicious links.

It is clear that if you check all the options, you will be increasing the list of potentially unwanted sites and, that is good, because you will be protecting your server much more, in the case of VirusTotal, it allows us to add a minimum number of detections in the link for the Bot to start taking action, in our case we have it at 1 detection and yes, it can be very prone to false positives, because perfectly some detection engine or antivirus inside VirusTotal can be wrong in its detection, so if you do not want to have to deal with this, you can set the number of detections to 3 or 4, we, as I said, have it set to 1 only because we have a community of thousands of people and their security will always be a very important factor for us, so it is more profitable to have false positives sometimes but thus making sure that the probability that there is a malicious link in our community is very, very low, almost nonexistent, but as I say, this setting will depend on your context and your needs.

At this point, the bot will react to the link message, first with a loading reaction (the one you see in the picture) this happens when it is analyzing the link, then, it will react in three possible ways, with a green reaction, which means that everything is correct, that the link is safe and that they, the bot maintainers, also attest to this, as they have the link in their database of safe sites, yellow, which means that the link is safe but the bot maintainers do not have it in their database of safe sites and red, which directly appears briefly because it means that the link is malicious and the bot will almost immediately delete the message from your server.

Although it is a bot that can help you in this aspect (with protecting the server from malicious URLs) is quite limited when it comes to other types of protections, but being free, it is a good option to add to your server.

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