Search Engines to improve your internet privacy

January 13, 2023

When you go to search for information on the Internet, you may use a search engine known as Google to get results within the Surface web, however, Google is not the only search engine that exists and, there are many more that are mainly oriented to preserve the privacy and security of the user (your mere) when browsing the Internet, so in this article you will learn which ones exist and the main features they can offer.


This search engine is originally from France, this is a search engine that ensures not to make any kind of tracking to your person when you use it, therefore, they will not sell your data to anyone because they will not collect them in the first place, however, within the search engine if you can see advertising, but it is what they call “substantial advertising” because for all users is the same, that is, it is not customized for each specific user because their information is not collected in the first place, as we said before.

In addition, this search engine (like most of those presented in this article) has a browser extension, which when installed makes it become your default search engine (something you can also do manually from the browser settings), although it must be said, the search results offered by Qwant, are not even close to those offered by Google.


On the other hand, the best known search engine if we talk about privacy but also one of the most controversial, like Qwant, prioritizes user privacy, it also blocks trackers when you browse the Internet, besides having its own version for the Tor network, but, what happens with the duck is that some time ago it was announced that it did not block Microsoft trackers, which caused that, being a software whose main value is the user’s privacy, many people stopped trusting and using it, this “problem” has been solved and, despite this, it is still one of the best search engines in relation privacy/results that currently exist.

In addition, it also has its own extension that makes it your default search engine and gives you a ranking of how private a website is when you access it, this evaluation always under its own criteria.

Brave Search

Next, this search engine is Brave’s own browser, we have nothing to add about Brave, it is a very good browser that only has some details at the level of the Tor network, but now, its search engine, although it will prioritize your privacy, its search results can be somewhat confusing and maybe you do not end up finding the useful information you were looking for.

Finally, it is important to understand something very important, prioritizing privacy and cybersecurity when browsing is essential but, it will not help to use a search engine that makes you waste time looking for really useful results just to improve your privacy, there must be a balance, currently DuckDuckGo is the one that offers better results and puts privacy over any other aspect for its users, although it is clear that at least currently, it is not comparable to search engines like Google that get better results at the level of searches.


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