Is the LibreWolf Browser safe?

May 02, 2023

Browsers are par excellence, one of the most used software in this era, basically because they are the ones that allow the interpretation of hypertext and simple visualization of this, thus making non-technical users can consume content in a pleasant way (as you are doing now old man) however, as time has progressed and cybersecurity has become popular (thankfully with that) have emerged browsers that prioritize privacy and user security, today you will learn about one of them, called LibreWolf browser.

What is LibreWolf

It is an open source browser based on Mozilla Firefox oriented 100% to user privacy, unlike other browsers also based on Firefox, LibreWolf is oriented to domestic and daily use, this is usually cataloged as the “Brave” but based on Firefox, since Brave part of Chromium.

LibreWolf, besides being multiplatform (you can install it wherever you want, except in your mother-in-law’s house) has several features and pre-configurations both in terms of data security and privacy during your navigation using it, the features that stand out the most are the following.

  • It comes with dFPI enabled, this feature increases the protection of cookies and is unique to Firefox as it limits cookies to only be used on the sites where they were created.
  • Blocks trackers during browsing.
  • Sends the WebGL feature to the burger.
  • It does not allow the download of files without first consulting the user so that he/she can indicate where to save the file if he/she wants to download it.
  • Sends to the burger (again) SHA-1 certificates, which are nowadays completely deprecated.
    Always force the connection through HTTPS, something that most browsers nowadays have implemented, the mode called HTTP-Only.

LibreWolf Browser is the most secure

Something that few ignore is that this browser can become even the safest currently beating the lion king (Brave), this based on many users who have been comparing them for a long time, personally, both are very similar although, depending on the activity you get to do on the internet, LibreWolf if you can get (in very specific cases) to be much better than Brave when it comes to protecting your information, in fact, there are portals that are dedicated to the continuous testing of browsers to determine which is the most private and secure, one of them is PrivacyTest, in this portal, LibreWolf is the one that comes out better than others.

LibreWolf Vs Tor

Another issue is that, as both LibreWolf and Tor are based on Firefox, many even think that Tor is more secure and this is not quite so, Tor is NOT a browser for everyday use and above all, it is not a browser that is made for anything more than to access the Tor network (whose routing is responsible for the fame of “anonymity” of Tor), that is why, browsers like LibreWolf can be more secure and private for the average user than Tor itself that is so praised, which is not that it does not protect, it protects, but it is not made for everyday use, which is the use that you are probably looking to give to a browser.

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