Is Brave’s VPN secure?

April 07, 2023

Brave Browser recently launched its built-in VPN for all the devices where this browser is compatible, this is another additional functionality that this browser already has, oriented towards cybersecurity and user privacy, but there are many users who doubt whether this VPN can be secure, which is why, in this article we are going to give you our point of view on the matter.

Brave VPN Features

Brave VPN is a VPN like any other secure VPN, including encrypted connection, change of IP address, selection of location preference by country of the server through which you want to browse, etc. What may be more interesting for users is that this VPN incorporates a Firewall that can help protect you from malicious requests while browsing, although you should be aware that this VPN is not installed on the operating system, but is integrated into the browser, as mentioned above.

This VPN + Firewall service costs $9.99 per month, which is a cost that, compared to other alternatives on the market that also offer a secure, reliable VPN and protection features while browsing, may be a bit high, since, with a 6-month subscription to Brave’s VPN, you could easily pay for almost 3 years of subscription to a VPN with similar features and, in some other aspects, better ones.

In addition, the subscription allows you to add 5 devices to the same subscription, meaning that if you use Brave from your phone and from your computer, you will not have to buy two subscriptions, since with just one subscription you could include a maximum of 5 devices.

Brave's VPN is not theirs

Another important point to bear in mind is to understand that the VPN + Firewall that Brave has released is not 100% its own, in fact, in its own press release, it can be seen that it is a collaboration between the provider Guardian and Brave, so Brave’s VPN will be as secure as its provider, Guardian, can be.

Guardian is a provider of both VPN and Firewall for IOS devices mainly, what Brave does is to market this service on all devices where its browser is compatible, so it should be understood that if you buy this product because you are a fan of Brave, you should be aware that the latter may not manage 100% of the service, but will pass it on to a third party.

Should I choose Brave VPN or another one?

At this point, what we will tell you is our complete opinion, understanding how the “Brave VPN” works, you will understand that there are many better options on the market that, for less money, offer similar functionalities and, in some cases better than the Brave VPN, but if you are a user who is a big fan of this browser and wants to contribute to the growth of the project, you can easily opt to purchase its VPN, in both cases, you will be acquiring a service that is reliable, of quality and secure.

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