How to detect Adware in Windows

September 12, 2022

Malware is one of the first threats that any user who uses any technological asset should beware of, according to the National Cryptologic Center (Spain) 31.63% of computers worldwide are infected by malware.

One type of “malware” that is usually the most common among home users is adware and, we say “malware” because it depends on what context is handled, an adware can be classified as malware or not, however, knowing how to detect and remove it will always bring advantages because, remember that adware usually displays many ads using, for example, pop-ups and, they are ads that if the user clicks on one of them, possibly be redirected to malicious resources, so getting rid of these bugs is a good idea.

To remove adware there are many tools, you can really use the one you want, today we will see one that is designed for users who use Windows systems and this tool is AdwCleanner, a tool maintained by the company Malwarebytes, this is a tool that, besides being free, does not require installation, simply download, run and analyze, as it is a portable tool.

Download and execution

To download it, go to its official website and click on the button to download it.

After downloading, we run it and analyze the system by clicking on the blue “Analyze Now” button.

The analysis is really very fast and, in this case, there was no detection.

You will see the results of the scan in the tool itself, but, you should know that they are also registered in your operating system as a log, this individual log for each scan that you perform, you can consult it in its corresponding text file that the tool generates, the path within Windows where it is stored is in C:\AdwCleaner Logs and it will do it by default unless you manually indicate another location.

You will also see an option to run the Winsock repair or to skip it, this is displayed because in the past the type of malware that this tool detects used to alter the Winsock configuration, which is not very common nowadays, so you can skip it without problems.

To conclude, adware can become very annoying for the user experience and especially for the consumption of resources of your operating system, so removing them is always a good option, but remember that this tool is not an antivirus, it will only remove adware (if any) from your system, but it will not actively protect you, so use a good antivirus.

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