How much money is made in cybersecurity

November 10, 2022

When it comes to cybersecurity, it has been said that it is a market with a lot of salary projection in the future and, according to a study by Microsoft, it can be estimated that about 3.5 million jobs in cybersecurity will be available by 2025, which is a really big situation because, Every day there are more jobs in this area and there are very few professionals who manage to supply the demand, based on this, it is clear to think that in any subdomain of cybersecurity, you can earn a lot of money, this on the basis that there is much demand and very little supply, however in this article we will see the approximate salaries that have some profiles in cybersecurity today. Specifically, we are going to focus on the subdomains of Pentesting and Cybersecurity Analysis, since, they are the ones that we believe, are the most demanded right now in the world of cybersecurity.

For these results, we will rely on the GlassDoor platform, which, among its many functions, allows users to consult salaries of different types of employment, as I mentioned before, we will focus only on pentesting and vulnerability analysis.

In addition, we are going to use two countries as a base, these are the United States and Spain, basically because the United States is a world reference in cybersecurity and Spain is a reference in cybersecurity at the Hispanic level, being the country with the best development in this community, the Hispanic community.

How much does a pentester earn in Spain?

According to the GlassDoor portal, a pentester in Spain can currently earn on average 31,000 euros per year, which, in our opinion, should be taken for senior profiles, not juniors, since a junior is unlikely to earn that amount of money in that country per year.

How much does a cyber security analyst earn in Spain?

Continuing with the results of the aforementioned portal, we find that on average a cybersecurity analyst would earn about 26,000 euros per year, however, we recommend that you take this salary as that of a semi-senior or senior profile.

How much does a pentester earn in the United States?

Now, if we talk about a country with more development in cybersecurity than Spain, we find that a pentester can earn on average about 109,000 US dollars a year, which is an increase of almost 350% compared to the 31,000 euros that can be charged with the same position in Spain.

How much does a cyber security analyst earn in the United States?

To continue, if we talk about cybersecurity analysts in the U.S. market, we will see that, similar to the pentester profile in that market, they are paid much more than in Spain, since the average is almost $109,000 per year, which is a considerable increase, compared to the 26,000 euros proposed for this same profile, but based on the Spanish salary.

On the other hand, you should know that these salaries can sometimes be high confidence and low confidence under the premise of this portal, this is partly because this portal collects salaries based on the opinion of the same workers of the companies, then, the less opinions, the less reliability, however, you should also know that cybersecurity is a market that is growing every day and that you are in the best time to learn cybersecurity, also, we remind you that the best way to start is with the course Cyber Security and Privacy 101.

Finally, you should know that, all these salaries, you can reach them and really earn much more, everything will depend on your skills and, above all, the attitude you have, so do not give up and every day move one step further in your career, because you can, believe it and it will be so.


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