Exodia OS – The new pentesting system

August 28, 2023

There are many operating systems focused on cybersecurity, both systems focused on privacy and pentesting and other domains in cybersecurity, there is even the Ubuntu Emo (Backbuntu) but one of the best known is Kali Linux, but it is a system that for many users is often repetitive and maybe you are considering looking at other alternatives, one of them is an operating system that has been released in 2022, so it is relatively new. In this article we will see what it is and its features so you can see if it suits you or not baby.

What is Exodia OS

Exodia OS is a Linux distribution that, unlike most cybersecurity distros, is based on Arch, so BlackArch already has at least a little more competition. Exodia OS was created by a team of cybersecurity experts from Egypt (let’s see if someone gets the courage to make one in Venezuela, ArepaOS, for example).

On the other hand, at the installer level, for Exodia OS it has been decided to use, as a good Arch, Calamares, which, although many users do not like it, if you are just starting, you will really appreciate that, being an Arch, the installation is graphical.

Next, this system is presented in three different variations:

  • Predator: Focused for Acer Predator laptops.
  • Home: Focused on common and domestic use (something like Parrot’s home version).
  • Wireless: Focused on wireless network pentesting.

Note that, in any case, pentesting tools can be installed, we will not list them in this article since, as you can guess, they are usually the same tools in the 300-500 range that most distros of this style come with, obviously with their small variations.

What makes Exodia OS different

If we talk about the differences between this distro and the others, we can add that Exodia OS is designed to be highly customizable (it is an Arch), this aspect they have managed to squeeze very well, managing to provide so far 15 pre-designed themes that you can implement in the distro, among them, the most striking (basically because nobody had done it) is HackTheBox, which gives the theme of this platform to the operating system and that can be interesting if you are going to use this system in a completely unique way to make CTFs on this platform.

Should you use Exodia OS or Kali Linux

This is something very personal, both distros by default usually come with many tools for cybersecurity work preinstalled that it is unlikely that neither in your work nor in a CTF you will use all of them, so, we are back to the usual, space occupied and a lot of code that is not really necessary to be in the system, but, however, as I say, this is something “by default” you can always choose which tools to install with the system.

Now, choosing between Kali Linux or Exodia OS will depend on which one you want to start with, if in the future you see yourself using a clean Arch with the tools you will use in your work installed only, it is better to go with Exodia OS and so you get familiar with Arch for when the day comes that you build your own system, if on the other hand you want to not get gray hair and you value your mental health, you can use Kali Linux from now until you retire, there is nothing wrong with it.

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