Creating an isolated and secure environment in VirtualBox

July 05, 2022

The environments isolated from the main operating system are necessary when you need to test locally without affecting the main operating system, to implement one, it is advisable to use a type 2 hypervisor such as VirtualBox or VMware WorkStation Player / Pro.

Starting from this, today we will show how to implement an environment isolated from the host operating system using VirtualBox, the configurations to do inside the machine are obvious, if you are looking to isolate the machine completely from the host operating system, what you need to do is to remove any input and output of information from the virtual machine, this includes:

  • Network adapters.
  • USB input devices.
  • Shared folders.
  • Native Guest Additions features.
  • Device input through serial ports.

So, it is very simple, we create the virtual machine inside VirtualBox, then we access to its configurations and remove all the above mentioned connections (in the case of Guest Additions, they are not installed).

Finally, we install the operating system, in this case, we will use Windows 10, just by downloading the ISO image and inserting it into the machine.

And that’s it, live life.

Something important to keep in mind is that, these configurations may vary depending on the case, the recommended ones are the ones previously seen, however, you can, for example, enable the output to the internet using a NAT connection for a few seconds to, let’s say, download the binary you want to run in an isolated environment.

Also understand that 100% security does not exist and that even if you use isolated environments, it does not guarantee complete security, it is all about increasing the layers of security, so do it whenever you can.

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